28 Apr 2019

Daughters of Hecate - White Crypt Gallery



Daughters of Hecate

Monday 6th May 4-9pm

Lucy Stein
Sarah Hartnett
Mark Harwood
Ilker Cinarel
Steven Claydon
Stefania Batoeva
White Crypt is pleased to invite you to the opening of Daughters of Hecate, a group show curated by Lucy Stein, 
in collaboration with Ana├»s Lerendu and Adam Thomas. 
The show will open from 4-9pm on Monday 6th May Bank Holiday and will host performances and DJ set.

'Daughters of Hecate brings together six artists who work in London and west Cornwall, or both places.

It is my ambition to derail the Michael and Mary Ley Lines, which converge via my studio in Newlyn, and get 

them to rejoin at the Crypt under St Marks. London is a deeply pagan place that could slough off its concrete 

cladding at any moment with a rupture of it’s capricious will. What these artists have in common is working from 

positions of passion, obsession with mortality, addiction to viscera, to loud music and recognition that to emerge 

psychically alive from the tomb of surveillance-capitalism, you have to venture darkly into the underbelly of deep 

information and court real pain.’


Lucy Stein, 2019

22 Aug 2018

Can We Still Be Friends

Frederica Agbah, Chris Alton, Conor Baird, Ilker Cinarel, Phoebe Davies, Freya Dooley, Rose Gibbs, Jill McKnight, Ben Sanderson and Karis Upton

Preview with performances: Tuesday 28 August, 6-10pm
Exhibition open: Wednesday 29 August + Thursday 30 August, 12-6pm

Can We Still Be Friends responds to the polyphony, the push and pull, the joy and tension of solo and collaborative practices as they rub up against one another.

This exhibition is the culmination of the arranged marriage that was Syllabus III. It brings together ten artists from disparate parts of the UK who didn’t choose each other, but after 10 months of intense and immersive weekend retreats, they became close. They worked, talked and made things together, danced, wined, dined, cried a bit and then broke up after a year. Breaking up is hard to do.

Syllabus III is a collaboratively produced alternative learning programme jointly delivered by Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island and Studio Voltaire. For more information about The Syllabus, click here.

The Syllabus is supported by Arts Council England and the Fenton Arts Trust.


Guest Projects is an initiative conceived by Shonibare Studio to offer the opportunity for artistic practitioners, of any artistic discipline (dance, visual arts, music), to have access to a free project space. Alongside Regent’s Canal, Guest Projects at 1 Andrews Road E8 4QL, provides an alternative universe and playground for artists. It is a laboratory of ideas; a testing ground for new thoughts and actions.

Address: Guest Projects, Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL
Nearest station(s): Cambridge Heath, London Fields, Haggerston (optional)

8 Feb 2018



A flyposter exhibition.

> moving
> nudging
> forward attack
>  forward thinking
> tripping forward
> a bit forward

> pushing forward
> falling forward

> accidental
> motion
> bouncing
> rolling
> paying it forward

> and no bull shit.

A series of posters created by Syllabus III following provocations set by Recent Activity and Eastside Projects, as part of the fourth retreat within the Syllabus programme.

Syllabus is an alternative peer-led learning programme, jointly delivered by Eastside Projects, Wysing Arts Centre, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island, Studio Voltaire and Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts).
The Syllabus III artists are Frederica Agbah, Chris Alton, Conor Baird, Ilker Cinarel, Phoebe Davies, Freya Dooley, Rose Gibbs, Jill McKnight, Ben Sanderson and Karis Upton.

2 Aug 2017

Flexing Around, performance poster, 2017

                              Flexing Around, performance poster, 2017, porthemeor studios borlase smart         room, St Ives, UK

17 Jul 2017

Boy Room, 2017, Installation

BOY ROOM, 2017, Installation

When you have been growing up as an adolescent in a dysfunctional home, in which, no one understands your feelings and emotions.  When you have never been free to speak or share your opinions about life. At that moment everything is falling into pieces. Pieces out of which you can make urgent responses.   
Through fearful or traumatic times you cannot make anything. Other people’s powers dominate and control you. However there becomes that moment where you begin to feel that amazing journey begins inside you my dear Love.

I will start to open all spaces for you to make a body of work that can exist in your ideas of how home can be.

When I start to make work I start to use home-style magazines to respond to with the feelings that I felt as a boy. I begin with the desire to create the home I always wanted, where I could express my feelings.

This site-specific work, reflecting a time of melancholia is inspired by Picasso’s blue period, Yves Klein’s international Klein blue paintings and the colour of the ocean beyond the window.

I try to give a sense of the boy becoming free within an interior space. I use painting and collage to urgently respond to what I already know.