31 Dec 2012

New Visions

Contemporary Painting in Cornwall
This exhibition showcases the work of artists who use paint to present realities and
perceptions in new and developed ways.
These works do not conform to traditional ideas of painting in Cornwall, which are rooted in
the histories of Newlyn, the modernism of St. Ives, and illusory romanticism.
In the 21st century, what is the role of the artist who uses paint and pigment? What is the
continuing significance of painting in an apparently restless and uncertain world?
Modernism cast it's utopian wisdom worldwide, but has become the haunting ghost of
regularity and formula. In the wake of conceptual art and the postmodernist death and
rebirth of painting, terms such as 'abstract', 'figurative' and 'landscape' have become
irrelevant categories. These works draw from the multiple visual languages of painterly
possibility and show the diversity and engagement that artists have with modern life. They
acknowledge the histories of art and the influences of media, and invoke a subtle
The use of pigment is a millennia old method of communication and play. These artists use
the essential qualities of drawing and mark-making with materials to ascertain that there is
more to be drawn out and unleashed through the hand than has already been shown.
Using observation, interpretation, symbolism or sense the artists show painting as a mode
of questioning and analysis, healing, hope and humour.
The works explore alternative visions and deeply-grounded realities. They illustrate the
ways we connect to place, consciousness, ourselves or each other. The potential
algorithms of image and form within restless complex states, are revealed and defined
through the hands and bodies of the makers.

Clear Cut

Link to : Clear Cut

Liminal Bodies Exhibition at the Exchange Gallery Penzance - 2012

Ilker Cinarel
Ann Haycock

Weld - The Only Way Is Up


This project proposes to explore two kinds of dialog; firstly the relationship between the studio/making space and the gallery, and secondly the conversation between two collaborating artists, Sara Aziz and Ilker Cinarel. The piece concerns a performative act of painting executed in a private space within the gallery with the event relayed to the audience via live video relay. A large scale painting will be made over a period of five days with the two artists working independently in different shifts only being able to communicate with each other through the painting itself.

For both artists this event would provide the opportunity to examine the duality, commonality and conflict between issues of; the masculine and the feminine, abstraction and figuration, and the private and intimate act of making and the public act of performance. Whilst the artists would be working collaboratively without any verbal contact the audience would be invited to witness both the work and the conversation unfold.

30 Dec 2012


   Caz Autonomus Zone project  

   Sara Aziz
   Ilker Cinarel
   Paul Farmer
   Ann Haycock
   Veronica Vickery
   Kirsty Smith

23 Nov 2012

This Will Make You Human Too

Sara Aziz
Ilker Cinarel
Bianca Cork
Rob Crow
Nathan Jarvis
Anna Sadler
Kirsty Smith

13 Nov 2012

12 Nov 2012

Immediate Acts

Wheel of fortune - Oil on canvas 

Souvenir Shop - Oil on canvas 

Mates -  Oil on canvas

Transform again individually - Oil on canvas

Pain and Pleasures

Bed Bad, Bad Bed


Sorry. I can not hear you

In this group of work I worked with themes of the everyday and imagination,  developing elements of abstraction and figuration. 
First painting, inspired from history of art and everyday living. I combine my own bed with Van Gogh's bed. When i was producing the painting I was not having a good time in my life. It was cathartic times. The bed also represents pain and pleasure in our life and also metaphorically is important in art history. At the same time I started to question why artists were sharing their private space with public?
Second painting, 'Surprise', from memories of childhood imagination of 'Jack in the box'. Child mind creating erotic imagination and Jack is coming to real.
Third painting, 'Sorry, I can not hear you' is the story about communication and dialog in our society and culture. The event is happening within a club trying to make dialog but with the loud music it will never happen. Lets continue to dance and play.

6 Nov 2012


Head I

Head II

This two oil paintings show in our head of creative space, times, moments and state of mind. Our productive and intellectual, psychological phases; Eating books, chancing our body, face movements. Paintings made with spontaneous and fluid attitude.This create absurd, ridiculous and at the same time humouristic view.

5 Nov 2012

Once Upon A Time


Once upon A Time animation work.

10 Sep 2012


Code 001- Man sitting on the sofa -

Code 002 - Leaping -

Code 003 - Divine am I inside and out -

    Sequences, in this project questioning of Freudian theories and exploring of Oedipus and Electra complex.
    Questioning of human origins and asking What is left over from past and what is appearing on the surface and how we can turn negative thoughts, memories to positive and healthy, better ways and how we can transform the experience of painful disappointments to the dynamic and energetic at the space. 
    I start without any plan directly onto the surface and what will appear on the surface. Traces and layers start to appear on the base and to happen. Memories it is look like yesterday or it is look like happen a minute a ago. You can not get rid of them, they are on your body and on your bones. Big marks, lines and narratives. These consciously remembering from childhood what I was witness. 
   They are phases of life, showing autobiographical, personal memory and specific moments. Which is masculine, macho father's narratives and interior spaces. I paint like a sequence because he was big acting man in his life and he called himself "Cowboy". 
   Themes in the work Sexuality, masculinity and memory...

22 Aug 2012

Best Scenes

Drawing II
Drawing I
Drawing III

Drawing IV

Drawing V
Drawing VI

    This project shows six large scale drawings on Fabriano paper. I started first drawing with pencil and continued unconsciously making the drawing and then followed my inner senses and feelings. I let my hand move without thinking too much which kind of helps information that was coming from my body and soul or around me. What is happening at that time and moment. Sometimes rough, harsh, bold, dense, sassy lines, and  sometimes soft, slender, delicate, fragile lines, feelings. Emotions were ejaculating out. 
     Second drawing, I use thin, and thick brushes, and water based black ink, and acrylic paint. When I was using brushes generally I made it with same method, but I shifted a little bit during the process of making. I began to think what was happen since childhood to present. It started playing against to each other past, present, future. 
     Third drawing, was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's - Psycho film, and specifically the shower scene. I played with that scene, and the image disappeared, and what is left over. 
     Fourth drawing, with brushes again with acrylic I photocopied best scenes from film noir, and transfer printed them on the top of drawings. I looked at it from distance. I saw a big giant man appear in the middle of drawing with all these best images around him. 
     Fifth drawing, I introduce some colour. Still from memory, and small anecdotes from personal stories. Although I did not really want to control to much this drawing as well, just what was happening or what was coming out when I was drawing some of the narratives they were linking with other narratives, and they produce another new narratives. 
     Six drawing, I centred and painted the self - (my childhood primary school time with uniform) surrounding him with all actions, situations and texts. 
     In the work of philosophy... 
  • Ontology, 
  • Human history and origin,
  • Pathology,
  • Psychology, 
  • Ethics, 
  • Empty spaces,
  • Holes, 

19 Aug 2012

Hide and Seek


In that work first of all I draw different poises of my self on to the wall. I leant against the wall and drew all of my body from where I stood from top of my head and I painted with black. I was drawing them as though a child play hide and seek. Some of them they were hiding, some of them we can see their body marked in the space. One of the figures by the entrance is offering to audience Turkish delight , second figure by the corner ( hands up ) it is kind of represent here I am, of another figure we can just see the fingers. I started to paint them and they started to became like shadow, like skin of the body and hologram bodies at the space. As I looked at them they appear more like alien bodies, and there is not specific gender or sexuality. it is a play between kids games and cultural, and social references.

16 Aug 2012

Two Black Boxes

When I was born it wasn’t enough for me
Later.....I couldn’t believe what I have seen

I made two wooden black boxes. They became small toy theatres; something for me to play and experiment with. I used masking tape to produce figures, velvet curtain and inside the boxes found images from newspaper and magazines.  These two boxes give the feeling that now the show is beginning to start. First box holds a sense of the cinematic with a white background; a man, a coat like prop hanging and no hidden scenery. Second box the body is coming out from half of the curtain leaving the viewer not seeing the whole scene, a kind of ambiguity. When I was making the boxes I drew figures in movement. I also made a metal figure and when I was showing them I choose compositionally to install them in a pseudo religious manner.    


I started this three years ago and yet today is my first day of posting! After much thought I have decided to start back at the beginning so that I can map the process that has taken me to the place that I am now in. On reflection I have realised that it's taken me this long to commit myself in writing as for most of my life I have been hiding and censoring the things that are most important to me. So here I go.....................