22 Aug 2012

Best Scenes

Drawing II
Drawing I
Drawing III

Drawing IV

Drawing V
Drawing VI

    This project shows six large scale drawings on Fabriano paper. I started first drawing with pencil and continued unconsciously making the drawing and then followed my inner senses and feelings. I let my hand move without thinking too much which kind of helps information that was coming from my body and soul or around me. What is happening at that time and moment. Sometimes rough, harsh, bold, dense, sassy lines, and  sometimes soft, slender, delicate, fragile lines, feelings. Emotions were ejaculating out. 
     Second drawing, I use thin, and thick brushes, and water based black ink, and acrylic paint. When I was using brushes generally I made it with same method, but I shifted a little bit during the process of making. I began to think what was happen since childhood to present. It started playing against to each other past, present, future. 
     Third drawing, was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's - Psycho film, and specifically the shower scene. I played with that scene, and the image disappeared, and what is left over. 
     Fourth drawing, with brushes again with acrylic I photocopied best scenes from film noir, and transfer printed them on the top of drawings. I looked at it from distance. I saw a big giant man appear in the middle of drawing with all these best images around him. 
     Fifth drawing, I introduce some colour. Still from memory, and small anecdotes from personal stories. Although I did not really want to control to much this drawing as well, just what was happening or what was coming out when I was drawing some of the narratives they were linking with other narratives, and they produce another new narratives. 
     Six drawing, I centred and painted the self - (my childhood primary school time with uniform) surrounding him with all actions, situations and texts. 
     In the work of philosophy... 
  • Ontology, 
  • Human history and origin,
  • Pathology,
  • Psychology, 
  • Ethics, 
  • Empty spaces,
  • Holes, 

19 Aug 2012

Hide and Seek


In that work first of all I draw different poises of my self on to the wall. I leant against the wall and drew all of my body from where I stood from top of my head and I painted with black. I was drawing them as though a child play hide and seek. Some of them they were hiding, some of them we can see their body marked in the space. One of the figures by the entrance is offering to audience Turkish delight , second figure by the corner ( hands up ) it is kind of represent here I am, of another figure we can just see the fingers. I started to paint them and they started to became like shadow, like skin of the body and hologram bodies at the space. As I looked at them they appear more like alien bodies, and there is not specific gender or sexuality. it is a play between kids games and cultural, and social references.

16 Aug 2012

Two Black Boxes

When I was born it wasn’t enough for me
Later.....I couldn’t believe what I have seen

I made two wooden black boxes. They became small toy theatres; something for me to play and experiment with. I used masking tape to produce figures, velvet curtain and inside the boxes found images from newspaper and magazines.  These two boxes give the feeling that now the show is beginning to start. First box holds a sense of the cinematic with a white background; a man, a coat like prop hanging and no hidden scenery. Second box the body is coming out from half of the curtain leaving the viewer not seeing the whole scene, a kind of ambiguity. When I was making the boxes I drew figures in movement. I also made a metal figure and when I was showing them I choose compositionally to install them in a pseudo religious manner.    


I started this three years ago and yet today is my first day of posting! After much thought I have decided to start back at the beginning so that I can map the process that has taken me to the place that I am now in. On reflection I have realised that it's taken me this long to commit myself in writing as for most of my life I have been hiding and censoring the things that are most important to me. So here I go.....................