10 Sep 2012


Code 001- Man sitting on the sofa -

Code 002 - Leaping -

Code 003 - Divine am I inside and out -

    Sequences, in this project questioning of Freudian theories and exploring of Oedipus and Electra complex.
    Questioning of human origins and asking What is left over from past and what is appearing on the surface and how we can turn negative thoughts, memories to positive and healthy, better ways and how we can transform the experience of painful disappointments to the dynamic and energetic at the space. 
    I start without any plan directly onto the surface and what will appear on the surface. Traces and layers start to appear on the base and to happen. Memories it is look like yesterday or it is look like happen a minute a ago. You can not get rid of them, they are on your body and on your bones. Big marks, lines and narratives. These consciously remembering from childhood what I was witness. 
   They are phases of life, showing autobiographical, personal memory and specific moments. Which is masculine, macho father's narratives and interior spaces. I paint like a sequence because he was big acting man in his life and he called himself "Cowboy". 
   Themes in the work Sexuality, masculinity and memory...