29 Dec 2013

Globe, balls and wig

Globe, balls and wig - 2013

This site specific related video work re-visiting to edge of the seaside Cornwall old mining factory area. In the past this geography was highly productive for mining (tin) and important for English economy. They stopped to using so many mining factories and now more tourist attraction to Cornish coast.
The man made object old, rusty, broken, useless and un-working machine giving us sense of power. Already set up and atmospheric dramatic scene creating for us theatrical perception.
Bring it to this surreal space foreign, unrelated metaphorical probes (globe, ping balls, wig and hat, which is they are not related to space and try to create queer twist and play around this highly masculine environment. 
This work about how individual can be perform and act in historical old, unstabled , broken space? balls coming out from mouth and coming back to the mouth like oral saying and turning and playing with globe around old machine trying to re-generate and re-telling to new possibilities.