12 Nov 2012

Pain and Pleasures

Bed Bad, Bad Bed


Sorry. I can not hear you

In this group of work I worked with themes of the everyday and imagination,  developing elements of abstraction and figuration. 
First painting, inspired from history of art and everyday living. I combine my own bed with Van Gogh's bed. When i was producing the painting I was not having a good time in my life. It was cathartic times. The bed also represents pain and pleasure in our life and also metaphorically is important in art history. At the same time I started to question why artists were sharing their private space with public?
Second painting, 'Surprise', from memories of childhood imagination of 'Jack in the box'. Child mind creating erotic imagination and Jack is coming to real.
Third painting, 'Sorry, I can not hear you' is the story about communication and dialog in our society and culture. The event is happening within a club trying to make dialog but with the loud music it will never happen. Lets continue to dance and play.

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