31 Dec 2012

Weld - The Only Way Is Up


This project proposes to explore two kinds of dialog; firstly the relationship between the studio/making space and the gallery, and secondly the conversation between two collaborating artists, Sara Aziz and Ilker Cinarel. The piece concerns a performative act of painting executed in a private space within the gallery with the event relayed to the audience via live video relay. A large scale painting will be made over a period of five days with the two artists working independently in different shifts only being able to communicate with each other through the painting itself.

For both artists this event would provide the opportunity to examine the duality, commonality and conflict between issues of; the masculine and the feminine, abstraction and figuration, and the private and intimate act of making and the public act of performance. Whilst the artists would be working collaboratively without any verbal contact the audience would be invited to witness both the work and the conversation unfold.

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