3 Nov 2013

Car Lift

Car lift | 2013 | HD video | Single channel | 2:44 min | courtesy of the artist

Performance video work
Car lift,  one single gaze with a single  camera and performing in the Industrial estate near my home town, Torbali - Izmir.  Figure is lying up, down position and posing sense of erotic offering attraction to the viewer.
Industrial space generally occupy with masculine, macho and mainly man workers. Single screen film showing with slow and speed motions.
As a voice saying all the time in Turkish language kind of dialog with other person and they are asking: "Kaldirayim mi? (Can I be lifted? Answering: Kaldir (Lifted)
Also there is  sense of erotic in the saying like Can I be erected? Erect. This repeating of the same words  are giving sense of how we are listening to the same words in everyday life from politicans they are lifting up important files to the shelfs and they are not resolving the issues of human life. They are all the time doing Lift or put away...


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