20 Jan 2013

DIY 9 - Being At The Edge

In particular  “being at the edge” means a lot to me. Despite now living and working in Cornwall I arrived in Britain from a very different type of culture that has always made me feel as though I am inhabiting a different space. It excites me to discover new landscapes and spaces that allow me to differentiate myself from the very different place that I left behind. I am therefore conscious of being an ‘outsider’ – being ‘on the edge’.  The way you describe this similar quality of Cornwall makes me yearn to discover how I might find different ways to connect with the Cornish landscape and it’s history.

The overtly masculine and authoritarian place that I left forbids some private feelings, which is perhaps why my practice leads me towards trying to find my personal boundaries and permissible social edges.
Mining also has a particular resonance for me as many times I have considered how mining poses a metaphor for my process, which tries to dig deeply into the hard and difficult subjects I encounter.
I am particularly interested in sexual histories and sexual energies within a place or particular context. The exclusively male environment of the mines implies a potent masculine sexuality that I would like to explore in this instance.



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