12 Jan 2013

Vital Somatic Functions

Vital Somatic functions shows a figure sitting in stillness, surrounded by external and inner thoughts of movement. It illustrates those moments of  relaxation or meditation when objects and subjects collapse on each other in our body and mind.
This short film was inspired S.Freud’s frequent use of the word somatic in describing sexuality and issues of the body.
The Night-lights, which appear, are framed with a zoom. Shot from a distance the lights no longer look like night-lights but take on a different quality, suggesting to the viewer that they could be vital embryos or somatic cells. The Night-lights show how our lives combine with external elements to give an inner sense of somatic. By appearing and disappearing in the dark background, the lights create a space that can symbolize different functions from both history and the present.
After a few seconds the transitions continue with a scene that layers together boiling eggs and a forest of trees. These two elements provide a metaphor for the coming together of mind and body and private and public space. The woodland also suggests how within these spaces we can both search and discover.
Eggs are a natural food and are used in all cultures of cooking. I use them specifically because they are the symbol of continuity for future creatures, both human and animal. They are the best product for human life.
The film also shows the body in the shower. This scene provokes questions as to whether it is the cleansing of the body from memories of the past or everyday pollution or the mind from guilt or even getting ready for pleasures.
Vital somatic functions are a multi-layered film with scenes that I hope provoke many various readings.
I recorded these images over the period of a year in different places and at different times during my daily life. I played with a variety of footage to create this film. They are; night-lights in Istanbul, Walking through a woodland, Boiling eggs, a man (figure) having a shower and a film taken of the artist during a session of hypnosis and meditation.
All the scenes are brought together with a soundtrack recorded on the London underground.

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